Travel to Mexico City 🌃 🍰✨📚

Hi there!!!

I tell them that I took a little trip to Mexico City to visit two very special places the Magnolia Bakery’s Mx Patisserie and the Beautiful café El Péndulo which is a beautiful bookstore.

Let’s start with the patisserie, the view from the outside has a really beautiful facade, vintage style, with different shades of coffee, mint and gold. On the inside of the left side is the counter where you will find the cupcakes, basic flavors


Red velvet




On the right side decorations of flowers and others. It also had small tables with small centers of natural flowers, with blue chairs, to enjoy the fresh air, very beautiful looked. These were the flavors they had available and also had a refrigerator counter where variations of cheesecake were. But I was mainly going to try the cupcakes because they also explained to me that they sold breakfast. I ordered a Red velvet cupcake and chocolate-chocolate, a cappuccino. I tried the red velvet cupcake first and I could see that there was nothing dry it was very fluffy and the cream cheese frosting was very delicious, its taste very creamy and not very sweet, what I did not like much was that it contained a lot of dye, I left my hands lightly painted of Red color.

The chocolate-Chocolate cupcake was also very fluffy, soft, hydrated and nothing dry, as most of the cupcakes that were tested and more chocolate are very dry, but this one had a good texture. And the frosting is not said, creamy, and the flavor very marked with chocolate.


Virgilio #40. Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo Mexico City, Mexico 11560

I give you a rating


Cafeteria El Péndulo .

It has a great variety of books, I felt like Bella, of the Beauty and the Beast. I had shelves from the floor to the ceiling divided into two floors clear, it is such a relaxing place, I could live there. With soothing music, comfortable seating or if you want to have a coffee, or eat something, here is the perfect place, because it also has restaurant service offering, breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

This place is a five-star rating. I share the address in case you dare to visit them.

Alejandro Dumas 81, Polanco, Polanco IV Secc, 11560 Ciudad de México, CDMX.

See you next time sweeties.





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