Review Shelf Love Reads ✨💕

Hello there!!! Today I come to talk about something fantastic! I love the subscription boxes! They make you love reading more than you can love! I got the box of @shelflovereads is a company that makes two types of boxes depending on the genre, this is contemporary, historical fiction, etc. and @shelflovercrate his gender is fantasy and Csi-Fi and they’re both fabulous. The box that I have is the month of Octubre called “and I was in love with her, its color is really beautiful, is a rose I can not describe 😍 ✨ 💕 the theme is related to my favorite season fall! 🍂 ✨ and all the treats are perfect for the season. I can’t wait to bake pumpkin and zorritos biscuits!!! 😍🍂🦊 accompanied by my Blanket to warm me on the cold nights of reading.




Box contents.

  • Octuber Spoilers 
  • Fall into Books Woodmark 

There’s nothing like falling into a good book. But don’t lose your place Angeline from @DreamyAndCo designed this exclusive double-sided woodmark full of cozy fall vides for shelflove Reads. 

  • Spoon Full of Sugar Wooden Spoon  

This adorable mini spoon is perfect for adding a dash of sugar (or pumpkin spice) to your morning coffee Designed by Team Shelflove 

  • Lara Jean’s Pumpkin Spice Sugar Cookie Mix 
  • Fall Cookie Cutters 

When you have sugar cookies you must have adorable cookie cutters. 

We hope you’ll have fun decorating these fall inspired cookies. 

  • Fingerless Gloves 

Keep your hands warm, but page-turning fingertips accessible with the perfect reading accessory, fingerless gloves. 

  • Shelfie Cozy Blanket 

We are absolutely in love with this exclusive artwork from @sweetSequels for our first ever blanket! Inspired by Haleigh’s own bookshelves these have some gorgeous editions of popular classics as well as a few popular fantasy titles. Can you feel the shelf love? We hope this blanket will keep you warm as the colder months arrive, and possibly inspire you to pick up a classic this fall. 


  • Book of the month: Sawkill Girls 

This company is great and thank you very much for shipping, they are so friendly and attentive. I invite you to use my PASTRYCHEF10 code and get a-10% discount. See you later 👋🏻



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