Unboxing Harry Potter House One time Box (Gryffindor) ✨🦁 πŸ¦… 🐍

Hi There!!! Is me!!!

That house at Hogwarts do you stay? πŸ€” 8605852B-0AAF-4994-B168-BD1D9932F834.jpegΒ Today I show another fantastic box by the BookishShop and the Bookishbox. This special box was dedicated exclusively to Hogwarts houses:

* Gryffindor

* Hufflepuff

* Ravenclaw

* Slytherin

I did not decide which house belonged to me, but I did the Test and I came Gryffindor, I think I was satisfied with the result and show them their content:

The Harry Potter House One Time Box (Gryffindor) 🦁 included: -House Shirt: @thebookishbox


-PillowCase: @inkandwonder.designs This pillowcase is beautiful!!! Be totally in love with her! Every one I walk into my room is the first thing I see and I get a smile.


-Candle: @novellyyours The Candle smells delicious!!! Makes you relax and want to start reading these books again.


-Necklace: @authoredadornments Adornments

-Coffee: @happenstancecoffee is really delicious!!!! I love this company.

-Tumbler: @thebookishshop πŸ’œ

Their special boxes are great! Don’t miss them and you can follow them on their social networks. 😊



Thank you so much for this amazing Harry Potter Houses Box.



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