ShelfLoveReads December “Resolution Reads” 💕✨

Hi there!

Firts of all, I want thank Team Shelflovereads for sending me this fantastic box, and be your representative in these four months…



How are you? It’s Tuesday and I’m so happy because arrive this beautiful box!, I know it’s January and this box is of December, but the mail is so slow in the month of December but anyway, finally here!. I’m so excited for show all it’s contents, are fantastic. and can’t wait to use them.


  • Reading Goals Bookmarks: Don’t just mark your page, mark your progress too! These bookmarks are great little motivations to show you how far you’ve made it though your current read. Designed by HeyAtlasCreative.

Opinion: your products are amazing, and creative, they  are very esencial, I love it because it marks how much you lack in your reading! is something new and diferent to the common bookmarks.


  • Pride and Prejudice Inspired Book Sleeve:  We fell in love with KathyWellerArt quirky quote designs and we are so excited we were able to work with her on this exclusive book sleeve design featuring some of our favorite quotes from this iconic novel.

Opinion: Oh my God! I’m in love for this booksleeve!, the letters are amazing and gorgeous!, it’s my first booksleeve in my life and is so perfect.


  • So many Books, so Little Time Decal: 365 days or 8766 hours or 525,600 minutes, it’s simply never enough time to read all of the books on our endelss TBRs.

Opinion: That sticker, your quote is right, I wish to have time for reads all the books that exist.


  • Bibliophile Beanie: Let everyone know you’d rather be reading this winter with this exclusive Bibliophile Beanie with lettering from KDPLetters.

Opinion: this was my favorite in this box, I love so much the Beanies! its so perfect for cold, and more in my coutrie, and the lettering, is so very beautiful.


  • 100 esencial Books for YA Readers Scratch-Off Poster: Are you ready to take on the challenge of reading Shelflove’s 100 esencial books for YA readers? This scratch-off poster will help you keep track of the tittles you’ve read and which ones you might consider picking pinking up your next trip to the library Designed by Team Shelflove.

Opinion: The poster is perfect for my room, it helps me to know the books, I can’t wait to put it on the wall.



  • A to Z Challenge Chips: Can you read entire alphabet in one year?

Opinion: this it’s so perfect, for the pictures in Instagram, so perfects for the signs or titles.


  • Book of the month: Five Feet Apart: Is a beautiful book about young love and insurmountable barriers keeping will and Stella apart. Feels warning! You’ll, laugh, cry, shout, swoon and in general fall head over heals for this boo. And be on the lookout for the movie release in March 2019! We hope you also enjoy Rachael’s autor, and the signed bookplate.


Opinion: I’m so excited for this book, because will have a movie in March. if you do not know what I speak watch the trailer on its oficial website or on YouTube.




I highly recommend this box, if you are a big fan of contemporary novels and romance? this box is perfect for you.

I see you later sweeties.





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