Review: Lord of Shadows ✨➰🎨



Lord of Shadows picks up right where Lady Midnight ended. Emma found the vengeance she was so desperately seeking and Julian has succeeded at keeping his family safe. However, the threat from Malcolm is not over. His death and the missing Black Volume have caused a chain reaction. There are factions of Shadowhunters at odds with the Clave, others are making a grab at the Los Angeles Institute, and the Unseelie King is looking to wage war on the Shadowhunters.

External threats aside, Emma and the Blackthorns must deal with loss and relationships. These include relationships amongst friends and acquaintances, the forming of unlikely alliances, and most importantly, the relationship between Emma and Julian.


This book is the second part of Lady Midnight, and I will tell you that this book was more stressful than the first, and its end broke my heart.

Wait!, (If you haven’t read the first avoid spoilers.)

After what happened with the sorcerer Malcolm I will describe the truth about what he killed Emma’s parents, continue to fight to save his life, the Shadow Hunters. After Malcolm’s death and the loss of his corpse in the ocean, a wave of demons has begun to come out of the waters and attacking everyone in their wake, and for this the centurions have been called. To find Malcolm’s corpse.

But nothing is easy, the protagonists must travel to the Court of the fairies to rescue someone important, God is part was very traumatic, I think there were not going to survive, and come out feelings that I thought I would never feel about this book. As always, full of adventures and emotions in the books of Cassandra Clare, I never disappoint, and definitely became my favorite trilogy of it, (missing the three to come out)

Let’s hope we have an epic ending! On the other hand there was more suffering with the relationship of Emma and Julian about their love, what they feel for each other, which is growing and do not know how to stop it, as they are parabatai  and although Emma made the decision to be with Mark to be able to stop feeling something with Julian , that worries me too much, because with finished in this?, from what I see, not well. And well the end left me totally in shock, for God’s sake, because Cassie had to kill a main character, I do not forgive, and I hope there is an explanation of why he did, because I broke my heart and literary hangover, I had a hard time retaking other books , for not getting over this book.




I just wait for Queen of Air and Darkness.



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