Travel “Barra de Navidad” 🌴 🌊 🥥 Jalisco Mexico.

I love to travel, I would love to do more often, in December I went to a beautiful place, small and little known, the Bay of Costa Alegre, where is located three small beaches, Barra de Navidad , San Patricio and Melaque. Christmas bar reminds me a lot of the book of ACOMAF, by Sarah J Maas, the summer court has hotels that seem to be taken out of that book, located exactly on Christmas Islands.

Island Christmas 🎄

I think we should give ourselves the opportunity to know places hidden and that are really beautiful, like this, it is not very expensive and accessible to pass magical moments. In the days I was there I missed no sunset, every day was different and spectacular. If you want to travel to a place where you want to rest and appreciate the beauty of nature and the sea this place is perfect to know without spending a lot and enjoy every moment.


My dad and my sister ❤️ In this pictures.

Enjoy those pictures



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