ShelfLoveReads January 💕 “Wine 🍷 book Club Reads”

Hi There!

I’m so excited to show this wonderful box of January ShelfLoveReads, and oh my god! It’s fantastic.

Thank you so much Team ShelfLoveReads for sending me that beautiful box.

Seeing all its content, I had many memories of my wine classes, you see, I studied gastronomy, and one of my classes that made me more difficult, was the wine, but I wanted to understand and understand was complicated, but I had to put a lot of effort , to learn as much as I could and I think if it had been related to books like in this box, it would have made it easier, right? All its content is beautiful as always and I will show you.


The bottle of wine not included.

Wine More Chapter Wax Melt.

There’s nothing cozier than a room with a lit candle and stack of books! Welcome your guest into your home with this cozy wax melt from @flickthewick made exclusively for shelflove.

opinion: that, smells like the wine, is delicious and relax, I can’t wait use in my room reading.


C.S. Lewis Inspired Snack Board

We couldn’t agree any more with C.S. Lewis’s words of wisdom engraved on this snack board perfect for cheese, meats, crackers, etc. For when you next have company Thank you so much to @DropAndGiveMeNerdy for this gorgeous lettering design!

Opinion: this is my favorite, I love eat snack and desserts reading, I now this is crazy, but I love it, the quote is so gorgeous and more by this author.



Bibliophile Coasters

Wine rings on your tables? Nope set these coaster out for guest to use and get a good giggle over at you next meeting.

opinion: the quotes are very funny, and I’m so excited for use those coasters in my meetings, are really cute.



Classic Book Boyfriend Wine Charms

Who’s more charming than a Mr. Darcy or Laurie from Little Women? Let these classic book boyfriends keep an eye on your drink at your next book club gathering! Stunning character art by @KeeeperOfTheSuns.

Opinion: I had never seen anything so beautiful and flirty, and these are Wine Charms, oh my god! Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Darcy! Are really beautiful! Are my favorites.



Book Review Notepad

Don’t worry about forgetting those character names or important plot points you wanted to discuss at book club again! Team Shelflove has created a book reviewing notepad to help you note all of the impotydetails about your club’s next read Lettering design by @KDPLetters.


Opinion: this is so perfect for the reviews! They resemble the wine tasting tokens, where we wrote, the colors, aromas and shades of wine, and it is perfect.

Wine Tote


don’t show up to your next book club meeting empty handed! Use this adorable tote designed by @BoowormBoutique to bring the hostess you favorite bottle of wine!

Opinion: Is my first tote about books!, and I love it! Is perfectly for bring my book objects, bookmarks and desserts of course.

Book of the month: Two Can Keep A Secret.


We love a good Mystery, and Karen  M. McManu’s Two Can Keep A Secret definitely is one! We loved the relationship dynamic between Ellery and Malcom and how their two part story intertwined. Ellery, a true-crime junkie and niece to a small town’s infamous murder victim from the 80s. Malcom, the brother of an accused murderer from the not to distant past. Both now caught up in a new series of threats and murder. Can you figure out whodunit?

Opinion: I’m so excited for read this book! Mistery and crimes! Is just awesome.





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