Recipe: Ice cream 🍦 Blueberries πŸ’œand cheesecake.




There Are Countless flavors of ice cream, whether traditional or exotic, ice cream is a simple and delicious dessert, from adults like children, they love it, including me. Something creamy, cold, combined with something crispy, make you live a delicious experience, just imagine it and I seemed an ice cream.

I Remember the first time in my college career I made ice cream the traditional way and I mean in the traditional way is to place a bowl full of ice with grain salt and place on top a bowl with the mixture of ice cream and be beating , until the first ice crystals formed with the ice cream, it was a great challenge to get out and to be honest, I never came out, is beating and beating without giving traces of ice cream, if I know, was desperate and the only thing I could enjoy was a biscuit soaked d and Β liquid ice cream, great sadness.
Recently watching food videos, I find a much easier way to make ice cream, and at that time I wanted to kill, lol not literally, after a moment of breaking my head, I find in a video in less than 2 minutes, how to make ice cream , and I could not help it in doing it, I am fascinated and I come to share this delicious and creamy recipe, also adding that this climate of very hot, I will combine with a few Macarons.


If I repeat it again, I have a disease by the macaroons, encourage you to make this simple recipe homemade ice cream and you can vary the ingredients to make different flavors Ice Cream cheesecake with Blueberry Ingredients:

– 2 cups Lyncott cream

– 1/2 cup milk Condensed.
– 190 Gr. Of cream cheese.
– 1 cup of blueberry, either frozen or normal.
– 1/4 of refined sugar Cup.
– Half

-lemon juice


– In A small saucepan, place the blueberry, sugar and lemon juice and put on low heat.
– Mix well and let the blueberries release their juice and take a purple color.
– Once Boiling is released, remove from heat and allow to cool.
– In A bowl add the Lyncott cream and condensed milk, beat with a medium speed mixer, do not stop whipping until the cream is peaked, when lifting the beater blades.
– Add the cream cheese and continue beating. Once incorporated everything, with a miserable, add the compote of blueberries and mix in enveloping form, do not mix much so that you can distinguish the colors white and purple.
– Place in the freezer for 3 hrs.
– Already frozen, place in a small tray with plastic on top of ice cream and spread, put back to the freezer for 1 hr. With a ring or circular cutter, calculating approximately the size of the macaroon cut the ice cream and incorporate in the Macaron, as a sandwich.

And ready, the ice cream is delicious and creamy, and it was easy to do without using an ice cream machine.
My recipe for Macarons will find it in the previous post.



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