Macarons birthday cake 🍰 πŸ’•


Hi sweets, I was thinking, what flavor would have a macaroon with a cake filling? I’ve been doing some tests to make a brithday cake! And I really fascino! It is perfect for that special person who turns years the color is optional, but not because in my mind these macaroons would be roses like cakes.





– 110 gr. of egg white at room temperature.
– 100 gr. of almond powder.
– 200 Gr. Of Sugar Glass.
– 40 Gr. Refined sugar

– 1 vanilla bean pod.
– Colors Gel Dye.


– 1 cup of white chocolate chips.
– 100 ml. Whipped cream.

– rainbow sprinkles
– Vanilla sponge Cake crumbled.


– a blender

– a small pot.
– 2 Pastry Sleeves

– 2 Duyas #12 Wilton

– 1 Globe beater.
– 2 miserable.
– Food processor.
– Sieve or strainer.
– 3 bowls.
– Peeler

– Tray

– silicon rug or waxed paper.

– The food processor, add almond powder and glass sugar for one minute.
Once the processor is finished, pass it in a bowl and mix it with the sieve.
– Open The vanilla pod and remove the seeds and add them to the almond and glass powder. Book.
– Mount egg whites by adding the dye in gel and the refined sugar slowly until this point of snow or nougat.
– Once the meringue is done, add the mixture of the almond powder and mix in an enveloping form and start doing the macaronage technique.



Mix in enveloping form and integrate the ingredients.
How to know when you’re ready?
When you raise the miserable with the mixture, this has to fall in point of thread, without counting. This will mark the mixture as light and form the foot of the macaroon.
– In a tray, place the silicon paper or rug.
– Place the mixture in the pastry sleeve with the Duya and make the purchases shells, try to make them the same size or use a pattern of circles to be more accurate.
– Tap the tray to remove the bubbles from the macaroons and with the help of the stick, tap the bubbles that are present.
– Allow to dry, the time varies according to the humidity of the environment.
When you put your finger on the macaroon, if it doesn’t stick, that means it’s ready.
-Preheat the oven to 150 β€’ C

– Insert the tray and bake for 11 to 15 min. Until the foot of the macaroon has formed. Remove and let cool.


-Place in a small pot to fire under the cream, the first boiling that breaks, remove from the heat and add the chocolate sparks and mix well to incorporate and add the Vanilla sponge Cake crumbled. Β Let stand for an hour.


Place in a sleeve with Duya the chocolate ganache and start filling the macarons and place between a half of cake ganache.
And enjoy each with your loved ones or eat them you alone!




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