About Me


Hi my name is Silvana, but you can call me Sil, I am a PastryChef, I love to eat, I am a big fan of food, I think always the special moments are shared with a food, is also the way to show a feeling, I love desserts , make the special moments of the day be sweet.I will show you my 3 great obsessions: The first obsession is the macarons, they are a perfection, if it were for me, would make all day macarons and also eat them…The second is to read books, especially novels of fantasy, romance and science fiction, I think my perfect day would be: after baking, transport me to different places in a book, accompanied by a dessert.And finally the photography, I am not expert or professional, but I try to show them all the creations that I see and feel through the photos.This blog will see, book reviews, desserts, photos, recipes, anecdotes, what I can think of at the moment and macarons, macaroons and more macaroons. I think it wasn’t enough, macarons, macarons, macarons….

I welcome you to my world and I hope you like it.We all have someone who causes us inspiration… And my inspiration is you…Sweet Kisses